施郡欽 / Lewis Shih


based in Taiwan

I graduated from NTNU, a school that trains students to become teachers. But I’m not going to be one of them. I spent most of my time going to concerts and shooting concerts throughout my college life. My only dream was to become a music photographer. It was not until the final year in college that I was moved by films. From then on, I not only just press the shutter button, but also press the record button and make films. I shoot concert、stills and food. Right now I am in a food film production company called “Jeek’s Foodmaze".

是個沒有要當老師的師大畢業生,大學四年一直沈溺在音樂現場表演之中,不知不覺拍了許多演唱會,原本立志成為演唱會攝影師。殊不知在大四時,莫名受到電影的感召,讓我不再只是按快門,偶而也會按按錄影鍵。主要擅長拍攝演唱會、劇照、食物。現職為Jeek’s Foodmaze 攝影師,拍攝動態居多。

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《#Samantha7s》 /   入圍2016 MOD微電影暨金片子創作大賽「社會組」&「最佳劇本」